Just some random observations from the past few days.

  • Why is it easier to keep the house clean when it’s “for sale” or when company is coming over? But when it’s just normal, everyday living, we tend to make a mess or leave messes around.
  • As I get older time goes by much more quickly. It seems like we just celebrated Christmas and now it’s already March.
  • 60 degrees feels warm outside in the winter, but in summer we think that’s cold.
  • Why do we find it necessary to have so much stuff? And when we clean we feel we have to hide stuff in drawers or somewhere to make it look like we don’t have so much stuff.
  • At what age do we lose the sense of wonder? And if we’ve lost it, can we get it back?
  • Who says you can’t eat dessert first? Okay, so as a parent I haven’t actually had dessert first. But there have been days when we’ve had just dessert for dinner. Maybe tonight we’ll try it and see how it goes.
  • And why is it, that when I find something that I like or fits right, the company that makes it finds it necessary to change or stop making said product. Take note, it didn’t work when Coke tried it. Some things are better left alone.

Okay, that’s all the randomness I have for now. Back to your regularly scheduled day.


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