Searching For A Balloon Farm

I find it interesting that one of the most searched terms that brings people to this blog is “balloon farm”. I’ve never actually seen a balloon farm, so I can’t really say what one is, but I like the one my daughter created. I’ve reposted it below.


If I lived on a farm I would ride horses, do cartwheels in the grass, and make a balloon farm.

To make a balloon farm I would make a secret recipe.

1. First I would mix dirt and popcorn together.

2. Next water it and sprinkle salt on the ground.

3. Then you water it and last you wait a day and you have a balloon farm.

And that is what I would do if I lived on a farm.

I don’t know what the exact assignment was that she wrote this story for, but what a great use of imagination. All it takes is dirt, popcorn, salt, and water to grow a balloon farm. 🙂 Sounds like a great place to live.


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