Following Rabbit Trails

So last week I had out patient surgery for a varicose vein that has been bothering me for years. Because of this, I wasn’t able to do a lot for the remainder of the week, other than sit around, keep my leg elevated, and try not to go stir crazy. Thankfully one of my Christmas presents was a Macbook Air, so I was able to at least use my computer while sitting on the couch. Otherwise I would have been extremely contorted at my desk trying to keep my leg up. But that’s off topic. Back to the rabbit trail.

I invested or spent, depending on how you look at rabbit trails, a lot of time reading. Blogs, news, tweets, help topics, reviews, pretty much anything that was written on line that was broadcast into my little on line world of twitter, facebook, and google reader. And along the way I have found out something interesting.

Rabbit trails are the way to market today. Whether you are a musician, writer, business, whatever… The more rabbit trails you create, the more you spread your word. You create buzz, traffic, and hopefully in the end, you accomplish your goal, whether that be getting your name or product out there, or increasing your business. But notice, the rabbit trails I followed weren’t from print ads, or commercials on tv (which I actually watched less of this past week), or radio spots. They were from links that you posted on twitter. Or maybe it was your blog. Or maybe something someone said on facebook that led me to do a search on google. It all comes back to social media and an on line presence. Now I’m no expert in this field, there are plenty out there who claim to be. But if I can figure this out it must not be that hard. So I ask, if you not, why aren’t you using this as a tool to get your word out? And if you are, have you noticed a change? Is it working? Any advice you’d share?

I’m off to follow more rabbit trails, and see what else I’ll learn.


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