Rules For Travel

I have traveled a lot in my life time. Growing up I would get the opportunity to go on trips with my Dad when he would travel for business. As I got older I would travel on my own, to my mother’s house in Virginia, then Seattle, to New York City with a high school friend (and as a side note, I don’t recommend driving in the city unless you have nerves of steel), and other various places in between. After getting married, Dean & I would travel, near and far, domestic and international. So I think I can safely say I have a good understanding of airports, taxis, maps, and the general rules needed for travel. Here are a few I would like to share, please add your own.

1. Before traveling, make sure you know your alphabet and numbers. it will make finding your correct seat on a plane a whole lot easier and less embarrassing for you and the person you accuse of being in “your” seat.

2. When the gate attendent calls for a particular loading zone and your boarding pass doesn’t have a zone on it, please go see the gate agent. They have been making an announcement for you to do this. Listen to them.

3. When they state that your carryon must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment, that’s where it should fit. If the gate agent tells you it won’t fit and asks you to gate check it, please do so. And in regards to that carryon, do put it above your seat, not mine. I too have carryon items that I would like to stow, and be able to get to during our flight.

4. Expect delays. And if you are travelling with small children (especially infants) bring extra everything. There are no guarantees that there will be other passengers with the necessary supplies you seek because you were not prepared.

5. Please be mindful of the others around you. Because the airlines have gotten away from customer service and comfort, they try to cram as many people in as possible. So unless I have the opportunity to fly first class, I can guarantee I will not have enough legroom in coach seating. So yes, when you put your seat back, you will feel my knees in your back. Do not glare at me or make nasty comments. It won’t do you any good. My legs are long and I can do nothing to shorten them. Just accept my apology and get on with your life already.

6. The flight attendants, pilots, and other employees of the airline are doing their jobs. They are trained for these jobs, they know what they are talking about. When they make an announcement, listen to them. They, like your parents, are not talking just to hear the sound of their own voice. They are trying to tell you something. Put your listening ears on and pay attention.

7. And lastly, please enjoy your trip. Attitude is everything, in life and in travel. And if you want to be grumpy, grouchy, or irritable please go do it somewhere else. Thank you.

So what rules for travel would you add?



  1. Well – girl – I think you have hit most of them….except – I do think there needs to be a rule for deplaning….Wait your turn – and if you are cut short for a flight kindly let people know that you are short on time. Be courteous – simple, right?

    Favorite airline? – Mines a toss-up between Southwest and American – I like the way American lets Armed Services board early – I think thats very respectful.

  2. Ah yes, deplaning. I forgot that one. Thanks for posting about it.
    I wasn’t aware that American let Armed Services board early. That is fantastic. One of the most moving experiences I’ve had while traveling was actually at Hartsfield in Atlanta. A large group of I think Army personnel walked through the main concourse area, and everyone there stood up and applauded. There was no democrat/republican, black/white, or any other divisive issue. Just respect for the men and women serving to protect out country.

  3. As much as I dislike Hartsfield – it sure does my heart good to see their treatment of service personnel…..It would be great to see that at all airports.

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