Small Spaces

I’m learning to work in small spaces.

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m tall. 5 feet 12 inches as a friend used to tell me. 🙂 So I don’t do well when it comes to working in small spaces or having to handle small things (like tying itty bitty bows). I’m not claustrophobic, I just need room to stretch out and be able to put my long legs somewhere. So having moved from a house with 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, and a 2 car garage to a 3 bedroom, 1 car garage apartment has been, let’s say a challenge. So when it comes to working on my projects, if it takes up more room than my lap, I don’t have the room to spread out like I used to.

So I’ve learned to adjust and work in small spaces now. A chair in the corner of the living room has become my writers corner. The right end of the couch has become my knitting nook, and a 1/3 of what would normally be a bedroom has become my craft area. This room also serves as Dean’s office and Amy’s art room. So you can see we all are working in small spaces.

But what I’ve found is that it’s not the physical space that limits my creativity. It’s that space in between my ears that I allow to place limits on what I think I can accomplish. And while that may be a small physical space, it is vastly larger than I usually give myself credit.

How about you? Where do you find you work the best? Wide open spaces or do you have a small nook somewhere that you find your creativity can run rampant?

* One of the few times I’ve actually had enough leg room on a flight. First class from ATL to LAX.



  1. Great to think about. I’m lucky in some ways that I don’t usually have to deal with small spaces. I have a huge house, and when we bought it I intended to use the spacious private study as my office. But I find it a bit suffocating, so instead I work in the living room on my laptop. Even that space hinders my creativity sometimes so I find myself leaving the house to go have lunch outdoors or go work at the coffee shop at my church. But I’d like to think I’m flexible and other than the horrendously loud neighbors I didn’t mind the month we spent in a small apartment with most of our stuff in storage before we closed on our house. Having less stuff can absolutely promote creativity!

  2. I have been thinking the same thing….we have a small house with 8 people….rather 7 now. I feel the need to continue to simplify every area of my life…..purging junk…..trying to think of what I only really need to have and giving the rest away. I feel uncreative….not because of the lack of space…..although sometimes that does drive me crazy….but more “between the ears” … really is perspective. I just saw a link about a woman in NY who lives in 90 square feet. And she a writer. I was encouraged by that….knowing I am on the right track to getting rid of stuff and making “my space”…..more a haven. Sometimes I need to get out and write…..but mostly it is at midnight…when everything has finally quited down and I am in bed…with my laptop….and I can have a quiet moment to MYSELF to think….lol! PS…You need to teach me to knit!!!

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