An Introduction

Ladies & Gentlemen I would like to introduce to you the designer behind The Luna Tree logo’s and graphics you see here and on my Etsy shop. Allie Bandy. I met Allie through the Indie Business class that I was participating in on line. She was also a student, who turns out is a great graphic designer as well. Without ever having met in person, she managed to capture the whimsical idea I was looking to convey in the logo and buttons for The Luna Tree. I sent her a couple of pictures  as jumping off points and she ran with it from there. We collaborated through email over the course of a few weeks and in the end came up with what I think is a fantastic design.

She is just getting started with her business, so please if you are in need of a graphic designer, definitely check her out.

You can visit her blog at or view her portfolio site If you would like to contact her, email Allie Bandy at “” or follow her on twitter @abandy.

Thank you again Allie. You did an outstanding job.




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