Gypsy Heart

(Not to be confused with the Miley Cyrus tour that just wrapped in Australia – if you came here looking for her, she’s not here.)

So in preparation for this post, I decided to look up the definition of the term “Gypsy”. Here is what I found.


noun /ˈjipsē/
gipsies, plural; gypsies, plural

  • A member of a traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade, and fortune-telling. Gypsies are now found mostly in Europe, parts of North Africa, and North America, but are believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent
  • The language of the gypsies; Romany
  • A nomadic or free-spirited person

With that in mind, I’m focusing on the third definition, since I’m not of Romany descent (that I am aware of).

We joke in my family about being gypsies. Last summer when we were “homeless” and staying at my parents in their RV, we would joke about the gypsies being there since the RV was parked outside for such a long period of time. I don’t know if somewhere in our ancestry we actually do have any gypsies, but for me it’s the love of travel that runs through my blood and the number of times many of us have moved, well I’ve lost count in that area.

I find myself thinking about this more and more lately. I don’t know if it’s living in a new place, but not yet having put down roots, or just the wanderlust and desire to see parts of the world I have not yet explored. But the desire to travel is overwhelming me right now.

I have a trip coming up to visit my parents and old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. And I’m glad that my daughter will get to share in this adventure too. She’ll get to see places she’s never seen before, try new foods, meet new people, and maybe make some life time friends of her own. We’ll explore places I’ve been, and see these sites and landmarks through her eyes this time, visit a couple of places I’ve not been before but want to visit, and create many, many memories.

But this upcoming trip has a purpose. And my heart is longing for a trip without such definition and schedule. I want to go, explore somewhere new, somewhere I’ve never been before. To embrace the culture, the food, the people. To learn the history worn into the streets by the many travelers before me. To take pictures, read stories, write a few new stories as well.

Until I can do this, I will be content to research, plan, and dream. But someday I will set out and follow my gypsy heart. And I will share the stories along the way.



  1. I love me some traveling!! this is the first summer in 8 years that i have not travelled over seas. killin me! i love adventure and travel. i have wanderlust in me as well.

    dreaming of new with you.

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