Combining The Old And The New

So for those that have been around here for a while, you know that I try my hand at many different crafts and assorted art projects. This has led to many quilts being made (and given), various holiday decorations made (that are currently boxed up in the garage), as well as many started and yet never finished projects that have caused me to accumulate supplies and tools over the years. And I have moved these items, numerous times, always thinking I really should get rid of some of this stuff before I move again. Have I? Nope, not usually. And this has turned out to be one of those times when I was glad I didn’t.

I have found a new outlet that combines two things I love – writing and creating something new out of bits of something old. This is “art journaling”. This is something that a friend of mine shared her passion for and inspired me to try myself. And I can now say I am hooked. I am able to use my old stamping tools and supplies, rip out pictures from magazines and catalogs that would otherwise just collect dust on the coffee table until they are recycled, and take words, quotes, song lyrics, whatever may be in my head at the moment – and combine them all to come up with something like this.

 Or this.

 Or even this.

These are just a few examples of what I’ve done. Some pages are more personal than others and won’t be shared publicly. And that’s the beauty of art journaling. You can pour your heart and soul in to the work, express any emotion you may have burning inside you at that moment, and once you release it on the page, a catharsis takes place. No longer is that emotion bottled up inside. No longer is it something you are holding on to. It’s out there. Released. Surrendered. And if it’s still bothersome, well there is always more gesso and black paint. You can cover it up, bury it under another layer, and  create something new.  There are no mistakes, there are no rules. And that is the beauty of it all.

Obviously there is more to it than this. I’m only beginning to learn where this can take me. But that’s where the fun lies in the journey, learning, exploring, creating.


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