In all the times I have moved in my life, I have never given any thought to who the senators and representatives were for the area that I was moving to. That has now changed.

I am in the early stages of researching our next move. Part of it is due to my daughter graduating high school in 17 months. The other part is due to the fact that none of us really like the area we find ourselves currently living. 

So with the entire country as our starting point, the research begins.

Any suggestions? Comment below.



  1. MN has Amy and Al. Amy is up for reelection in 2018 and they’ll likely push hard to get her out. MN is the longest voting Dem state in the presidential election. (<3 Mondale)

    Are you going to try to get involved? Do you want to go for a state where you could come out and make a difference? Go for states that will ride the line in 2018 for Senate and then consider the congressional district as well. Some of them are so entrenched (many) that it won't matter. Or rather what will matter might be the primary. (Betty or Keith would be REALLY hard to oust with a GOPer but they will be given a run for their money in the DLF primary.)

    Or do you want to go somewhere you can fight and call and have it matter? You might want to look at the places where the senators/congress people are more on the line.

    Some senators are more or less centristier (for better or for worse) and you might be able to lean hard enough there to sway them.

    There are some like who agrees with me kind of sites that might be helpful too.

  2. Oh, you’ve given me something else to consider now too. Thank you. I’ll also mention this to my daughter since she will be of voting age by the time we move and is certainly more active in politics than I was at her age.

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