Evolution of Dance

Traveling today, so I thought I’d share something fun with you. The Evolution of Dance for your enjoyment.


Friday Fun 4/15/2011

So normally this would be “Tax Day” but because of “Emancipation Day” in Washington DC falls on Saturday (and all the federal employees having a day off on Friday) the dreaded day has been extended to the 18th. There’s your random trivia for the day.

Now on to the fun. This one is a question, and yes, I would like you to actually answer in the comments. Kthnx

What is the weirdest text message you ever got? Or sent?

Mine – a text from my daughter while she was playing at a friends house. “Mom, can I shoot a b b gun?” Umm… the number of thoughts that went through my head in 3 seconds ranged from “what?!” “you’ll shoot your eye out” “girls don’t shoot b b guns” “is there parental supervision” “why?” and “please be careful”, just to name a few.  After a couple more messages back and forth it was established that there was indeed supervision, and they were being safe. Turns out the “target” practice only lasted about 5 minutes after the message was sent. And no eyes were shot out.

So you now it’s your turn. Comments are now open.

Today, Brought To You By The Letter C

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you’ve already seen this. But it was such fun coming up with I thought I’d turn it into a blog post.

First came this “Coffee pot conundrum. Crack in the carafe caused a cascade of coffee to cover the burner and the counter.”

Next came this “Coffee carafe conundrum conquered. New carafe collected. Fresh coffee now commencing. (And today is brought to you by the letter C)”

And it was all due to a need for caffeine.

So my question to you is, if you only had one letter to work with, what sentence could you come up with?

Kids Say The Darndest Things

So we’re sitting at the dinner table, discussing some of the places we saw while we were in Los Angeles. A few were places that I would have rather not have had to explain to a 10 year old (strip club, a bar with men dancing in their tighty whiteys, medicinal marijuana bars…) you get the idea. My mother said something about “don’t go to Europe then – they are a lot more liberal and you would see even more of that there.” She then went on to tell a story about when she lived in Holland. While riding their bikes through one of the “red light” districts, one of her brothers asked my Oma (my grandmother) why were these women sitting in the windows, knitting. Oma explained they were just passing the time, avoiding the question of what the women were really doing. Fast forward back to this evening, upon hearing this story the 10 year old at dinner said “maybe Oma (my mother) should do that since she likes to knit so much.” It was impossible for any of us adults to keep a straight face. Some day I’ll have to explain to her what she said and why it was so funny.