Hi There

So it was brought to my attention that I don’t have a picture of myself here on the blog. I have since corrected this and put one on the about me page, but it did get me thinking about the interaction that takes place on line. I read a lot of blogs, follow a lot of people on twitter and have many friends on facebook. And in some cases I have had some sort of personal interaction with many of these people, so I know what they look like and they know me. Some have known me for many years and have seen the progression of looks over the years too, but that’s another post for another time.

But it’s a new year, new readers are coming by here, new friendships are being made, and I’m another year older, so I thought it would be appropriate to revisit my about me page, update the information, and reintroduce myself. Here’s a thumbnail version of a picture that Dean (my wonderful husband) took last spring. I really don’t like having my picture taken, so for me to actually like this picture of myself is saying a lot. (And if you want to see more of his great photography, check out the pictures here)





For the rest of the details, stop by the About Me page, or just keep reading, you’ll find me in my words. And if we have the opportunity to actually meet in person, all the better.