Witness Protection Program

If you could enter the witness protection program (wpp ┬ábecause it’s shorter to type) and assume a totally new life, would you do it? Keep in mind, it means leaving everything behind. All your friends, family, co-workers, blog friends, twitter friends, facebook, and other social media place you have a presence. All new numbers to remember, social security, phone number, birthdate, address, credit cards, drivers license, library card. But you’d also leave behind all your past hurts, heartaches, mistakes, and any other foolish thing you’ve done in your life. So with all that to consider would you still enter the wpp?

Or perhaps you don’t want an entirely new life, you just want to run away for a while? Where would you go, what would you do? How long would you stay away for? Would you stay in touch with those you left behind?

One of the things I like about writing, and reading good writers, is they allow you to escape your everyday life and live in someone else’s world for a little while. I hope to be able to achieve that in my writing as well.

But for now I am filled with more questions, than answers. So I will return to my writing world and see what I find there.