Notes from the PNW

Just some randomness from the PNW (Pacific NorthWest) (especially for my Georgia friends)

Unlike Georgia, when it rains here the car washes stay open.

Also, recess goes on outside, even in the rain. Well okay, maybe not in a downpour, but we haven’t really had many downpours since we’ve been here.

Air conditioning? What’s that. 🙂 Most places here don’t have it. It’s been wonderful not having to use it. We’ve had our windows open when it gets warm (80 degrees here is hot according to locals). Being on a ground floor apartment helps too.

Rain boots are quite fashionable. I haven’t purchased any yet, but it is on my list to eventually get. If their cute enough, I’ll post a picture.

School starts later here. Later in the year and later in the day. There are more schools, so there aren’t as many classes in each grade level. Elementary runs from K – 6 in most places. Another nice thing they did (I don’t know if all schools do this or just this one) they sent a list home at the beginning of the year of all the field trips, the dates and the costs for said field trips, and requested payment at the beginning of the year. Total cost for us, $5. The PTSA covers the remaining costs. And they (the PTSA) is a very active group. Very involved with the school, the kids, and lots of activities for the families too.

Drivers aren’t quite as crazy out here as they were around Atlanta. Not to say there haven’t been any, but overall they have been more polite. Which equates to cheaper insurance rates too.

No matter how many times I see Mt Rainier it still takes my breath away. We’ve seen Mt Baker a few times too and it is just as beautiful. Looking forward to playing in the snow this winter.

Stay tuned, more to come.


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