Kids Say The Darndest Things

So we’re sitting at the dinner table, discussing some of the places we saw while we were in Los Angeles. A few were places that I would have rather not have had to explain to a 10 year old (strip club, a bar with men dancing in their tighty whiteys, medicinal marijuana bars…) you get the idea. My mother said something about “don’t go to Europe then – they are a lot more liberal and you would see even more of that there.” She then went on to tell a story about when she lived in Holland. While riding their bikes through one of the “red light” districts, one of her brothers asked my Oma (my grandmother) why were these women sitting in the windows, knitting. Oma explained they were just passing the time, avoiding the question of what the women were really doing. Fast forward back to this evening, upon hearing this story the 10 year old at dinner said “maybe Oma (my mother) should do that since she likes to knit so much.” It was impossible for any of us adults to keep a straight face. Some day I’ll have to explain to her what she said and why it was so funny.


One comment

  1. oh my goodness — this is tooooooo funny. don’t you just love what comes out of mouths of babes!!!

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