Creative Culture & Community

I read this post this morning from Randy Elrod and it really got me thinking about the community we create around us. While we may not all be the creative type he speaks of, but we all have something to offer and share with those around us. But in this world of social media and technology driven society, we have a tendency to lose the personal interaction that comes with a close knit group that we share life with.

I remember growing up in Highland Park and the sense of comfort that came from being surrounded by people that I knew and shared life with. Every 4th of July our street would have a block party. One side of the street would be responsible for salads, the other side desserts. Main courses were brought by each family, and we would block off the entire street for the day. Games would be played, a bike parade for the kids was held (and we would decorate our bikes like it was the Rose parade if we could), and the evening was capped off with square dancing, sparklers and fireworks. It was a big deal, and we all looked forward to it every year. But it was also the other 364 days in between that established that sense of community and togetherness that we all shared. Whether it was picking mulberry’s & honeysuckle in the neighbors backyard, sledding down the hill in the winter time, or riding our bikes until well after dark in the summer – this was the place to be. We shared in the good times and the not so good times.

And that is what creating community is all about. The sharing and interacting with others. Finding something in common that brings you together and then exploring the differences you all bring as well.

Want ideas on how to create this kind of community where you are? Spence Smith (another member of the “Franklin Campus”) has a great follow up post to Randy’s. Have ideas to share? Comment below. I look forward to the community we have here, but I also look forward to the community I can create around where I am now too.


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