Introducing Melanie Blievernicht

For those of you who do not attend Journey Church of Acworth, please allow me to introduce you to a dear friend, Melanie Blievernicht. She is an amazing woman of God, who has followed the call He placed in her heart and has written two books.

Walking Faith Forward is her first, now in it’s second edition. Here is the synopsis from Barnes & Noble.

“In the second edition of this engaging weekly devotional, Melanie Blievernicht draws from lessons in her personal life and Biblical references to show you how to connect with God and to spread His word by concentrating on a specific spiritual focus area each week. Encouraged by Christ’s promise of guidance and hope, Walking Faith Forward uses inspiration and reflection to help you make God a part of your daily life.”

Having served with her, I see this example lived out everyday.

Her second book, just recently published, is Divorce Is Only Human: My Journey With God Through Divorce.

“From the author of Walking Faith Forward comes one woman’s spiritual path through the darkest part of her life… a time of deep pain, depression, and despair… but also one of hope, determination, healing, and triumph through faith.

“Every so often, a book comes along that the Holy Spirit will use to minister to the depth of human pain and suffering. This is one of those books… An amazing story of tragedy turned into healing… A woman’s sharing of her own trials in order to pass on the gift of hope to others… ”
Douglas Crumbly, Lead Pastor, Journey Church of Acworth, GA”

So take a moment, and stop by her site to say hello. And if you have a chance to meet her in person, give her a hug from me too.


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