Would You?

If you had the opportunity to take a year of your life and go travel around Europe, would you?

Yes, you have the money to do this. No, you don’t have a job keeping you here. You may or may not have kids, a spouse or significant other, other family ties, or any other obligations. Regardless of circumstances all the signs are pointing to yes, all your ducks are in a row. Would you pack everything you need, put your life’s belongings in storage, and take off for a year?

Why or why not? And where would you go? Would you spend more time in one country than another or take equal time in all the places?

Take the poll and then share in the comments below.



  1. there needs to be an “absolutely”…

    it’s one of my dreams. not sure about the equal time. i’d want to research it out. i definitely would do it alone, though and not with a tour group.

  2. Been. Would love to go again, only this time with my family. We have friends in England, Italy and France, so we would probably focus on those three countries.

  3. If I were to take off I would rather explore all the interesting things in my own country. I’ m not talking about tourist traps. I’d have enough time to embed in a place and get to know the culture & food from a particular part of the US.

    I wouldn’t be able to just do it though. I would feel disconnectd and trapped without a home to go to. I love the comfort and quiet of my own place and would feel lost without it.

  4. I was born in England while my Dad was in the service and I would love to explore my birthplace. My grandfather had always said you are pulled back to where you are born. I’m curious.

  5. I voted yes. And I’m an old gal. 🙂 With little children. Either I’m adventurous or a bit whacky. Perhaps a bit of both.

  6. Susan – I think you and I are probably closer in age to the young ones vs. the mature set (they were all retired age and older). I’m curious, since you voted yes, would you take the kids too?

  7. well, if i didn’t have kids i would for sure go! that sounds like so much fun! but, i don’t think it would be responsible to take the kids, even if we do homeschool!

  8. Well I’m late to the party, but decided to vote anyway. Yes, it would be hard to be away from hearth and home, but holy cow, to pass up such an opportunity? I don’t think so! I’d be all about Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece. I’d shop and cook like the locals!

  9. Carline – I’m glad you stopped by. I love your idea of shopping and cooking like the locals. I’d love to do a food tour of so many places.

    Tiffany – do you base your answer on the age of the kids? Would it be different if they were older?

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