So I post a poll and my traffic spikes. Yet most of the visitors that came by didn’t actually vote in the poll. Really, it wasn’t that hard. 🙂

But the results are in. And as of the writing of this post (Tuesday morning, 11 am Pacific time) 84.62% said yes, while the remaining 15.38% said no. (Sounds more impressive than 22 of you who voted said yes and 4 said no.) Based on the comments I received, it seems that age had a lot to do with the answer given. Most of my more mature readers said no. But they also commented as to why they voted this way too. Most were content with their homes and the life they have. They like to be around family and friends and the creature comforts they have surrounded themselves with. I had a few younger readers comment here and on facebook as well as to why they would go. I think the adventure of it spoke to their souls. Also a desire to learn more about their heritage or history.

So there it is in a nutshell. I’ll leave the poll open in case anyone else wants to vote or comment.

And this was a completely unscientific poll, just done for fun, and to see what you would say. Thanks for participating. We’ll do it again sometime soon.


One comment

  1. michelle, thanks for the results and the related info. i’m actually not surprised at the findings and find it quite positive about how content many of us in the older generation are. the poll was fun – thanks!

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