Random Observations

Complete randomness from this week…

~ While shopping at Fred Meyer I overheard two associates talking while they were restocking shelves. The one was complaining about a customer who claimed she was overcharged by $6.00 for something she was buying. This associate went on to say that she didn’t think it was a big deal, it was only $6.00. When the customer called her out on that, she got defensive and started making excuses. Finally relenting because she didn’t want the supervisor to get involved she credited the customer back the money. – Now as a customer overhearing this conversation a few things went through my mind. The first being, shut up. If you are going to complain about your job, then do it where others, especially customers, are not going to overhear you. Second, you are in a customer service job. If you don’t like people, quit and let someone else take your job who will be thankful for the paycheck. Third, any amount of overcharging, whether it be six dollars or sixty dollars is still overcharging. If the register is not ringing something up correctly for you, then it’s probably not ringing up correctly for other customers. This adds up quickly. And you have no idea what a difference $6 can make in someones life. It may be 3 days worth of school lunches, it could be gas to get to and from a job, it could be the difference between having a roof over your head or living on the street. I wish I had the awareness to pull out my phone and record this conversation when it was happening so I could have gone to a manager about this. Sadly I didn’t and this associate will continue to probably not provide the best customer service experience.

~ Orange sherbet melts faster than regular ice cream in a power outage, even when it’s left in the freezer with the door closed.  After having two, almost three, glorious weeks of weather, Seattle has reverted back to her normal ways. Well with the exception of this past Monday. Then we actually had thunderstorms. Not a common occurrence here. At first I thought it was just a loud truck or some other noise, until I saw the flash of lightning. The poor dog, who has been enjoying not having these storms, went in to her usual hiding and attaching herself to my legs if I got up and walked around the house. In addition to the storms we did have a power outage too. Thankfully PSE was quick to respond and we were only without electric for about 2 hours. Of course when you have an electric stove and oven and are in the midst of cooking dinner it does create a bit of a hic-cup.

~ Jalapeños vary in heat dramatically and there is no good way to tell which will be a mild heat and which one will burn your entire mouth. And when cutting and cleaning said peppers, don’t make the mistake of rubbing your nose or eyes. Fortunately I had enough sense to not touch my eyes, but my nose got the brunt of it last night.

~ Watching a squirrel fall off the bird bath is cheap entertainment. He jumped up to take a drink, lost his footing and fell back down. After a quick look around as if to see if anyone had seen that, he went to the other side where there is a little stone pagoda, used that as an alternate way to get up to the bird bath and take his drink. Just one of many squirrel antics we have seen in our backyard this spring.

So what randomness did you observe this week?


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  1. i really enjoyed your musings michelle! and, totally agree as well.
    you are special in our eyes!!

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